ultrasound imaging

With use of ultrasound, we can obtain images of your baby while you're pregnant.   To get the best possible images, both locations of Upstate OB-GYN Group have updated to the latest Samsung platform technology.

Early ultrasound can be performed to confirm pregnancy; later ones to track your baby's development. It's important to have a thorough and detailed anatomical scan by a talented and well-educated ultrasound technician (sonographer) at around the half-way mark (20 weeks of gestation).   At Upstate OB-GYN Group, the technicians (sonographers) are well-educated, ARDMS certified, and like their coworkers, share a calling to specialize in the areas of obstetrics and gynecology.

The medically indicated ultrasound is an important part of your obstetrical care. We allow a maximum of 2 guests accompany you for these appointments.

So, what's 3D/4D?  A 3D ultrasound gives you a three-dimensional image of your baby....4D simply adds the dimension of time; i.e., a video. 

see your baby's growth

The first glimpse of your child is something you'll remember forever. At Upstate OB-GYN Group, we're proud to offer the latest ultrasound technology that provides amazingly clear 3D/4D images of the most important subject of all - your baby. We offer several ultrasound packages that are available to any expectant mother, including but not limited to Upstate OBGYN Group patients. Our packages include:

ready for your reveal party? | $69

Ultrasounds performed at 15+ weeks of pregnancy can often reveal gender. If you’d like an early opportunity to know whether you’re having a boy or a girl, sign up for one of these elective scans.

At your request, we’ll conceal the answer in an envelope and you can have a “reveal” party for your family and friends!

You’ll receive a CD with photo files and several printed images (sealed or not…your choice)!

precious peeks | $99

The best chance to see your baby moving, from kicking and stretching to yawning (yes, babies can yawn in the womb) is from 28 to 32 weeks.

This session includes approximately 20 minutes of scan time with a DVD including video clips as well as jpeg images and 3-5 printed pictures suitable to frame...Your baby’s first photo!

watch me grow! | $149

Combination of gender reveal and precious peeks. We know the feeling - you just can't get enough of seeing your baby! This multi-session package includes a gender reveal ultrasound at 14+ weeks and a Precious Peek ultrasound between 28 and 32 weeks.

To schedule an appointment or to learn more, call Upstate OB-GYN Group at 864-271-9780. After hours appointments are available. For more information about our ultrasound technology or services, email us at ultrasound@upstateobgyngroup.org.