ultrasound imaging

With use of ultrasound, we can obtain images of your baby while you're pregnant.   To get the best possible images, both locations of Upstate OB-GYN Group have updated to the latest Samsung platform technology.

Early ultrasound can be performed to confirm pregnancy; later ones to track your baby's development. It's important to have a thorough and detailed anatomical scan by a talented and experienced ultrasound technician (sonographer) at around the half-way mark (20 weeks of gestation).   At Upstate OB-GYN Group, the technicians (sonographers) are well-educated, ARDMS certified, and like their coworkers, share a calling to specialize in the areas of obstetrics and gynecology.

The medically indicated ultrasound is an important part of your obstetrical care. We allow a maximum of 2 guests accompany you for these appointments.

So, what's 3D/4D?  A 3D ultrasound gives you a three-dimensional image of your baby....4D simply adds the dimension of time; i.e., a video.